Guerbet offers a comprehensive range of imaging products, solutions and services for Diagnostic Imaging (CT/Cath Lab examinations, Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI) and Interventional Imaging (Interventional Imaging Solutions).

Our contrast agents are administrated to patients essentially by injection. CT/Cath Lab contrast agents primarily consist of iodinated active ingredients; certain examinations of the digestive tract use barium-based products. MRI imaging uses gadolinium based contrast agents.

Diagnostic Imaging Solutions

Optiray® / Optiject® / Ultraject® - Ioversol (CT & Cath Lab)

Optiray® is distributed since 1989.
It has also been available in pre-filled syringe form for manual or automatic injection, under the brand name Optiject®, since 1996, in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland, and Ultraject® in the rest of the world.

DOTAREM® - Gadoteric acid (MRI)

Is the MRI contrast agent that combines optimal diagnostic performance with excellent safety for a large number of patients.

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