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Blood Bag Systems


TERUFLEX® Blood Bag Systems

TERUFLEX blood bags are globally recognized for high-quality collection, processing and storage. They are produced without natural rubber latex and packed for protection during storage.


IMUFLEX® Blood Bags

Available in various configurations, IMUFLEX systems combine high-quality blood bags with integrated, in-line leukoreduction filters to improve collections and streamline operations by reducing the need for post-collection processing.


IMUGARD® III Leukocyte Filter System

IMUGARD III is a leukocyte removal filter system made from biocompatible polyurethane material. Highly porous, this material provides stable filtration of leukocytes and microaggregates.

Within the filter, patented technology ensures optimal pore size distribution and pore density.


Entrapment of leukocytes is achieved mainly by pore size distribution within the filter, with very limited cell-material interaction. The absence of cell or protein activation yields blood products of very high purity.


Terumo Blood Bags

The right choice for blood centers that want to:

  • Add flexibility by using sterile docking to adapt the bag to meet processing needs

  • Simplify inventory—no need for multiple types of blood bags in multiple configurations

  • Personalize safety features: available with needle injury protectors, pre-donation sampling bags and multi-sample luer adapter holders

  • Produce high quality products—made from biocompatible materials, with a shape that enhances mixing

  • Improve donor comfort with a high-quality phlebolomy needle


Trima Accel® Version 7 - Automated Blood Collection System

Boost productivity, collect higher-quality components and improve the apheresis experience. The NEW Trima Accel 7 includes some exciting improvements to a world-leading apheresis system.

  • Collect more products per donor.

  • Collect higher-quality blood components.

  • Improve the collection experience.

  • Make your system smarter with software applications.

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